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Career Tips


  • 1. Interviewer says-"how to save cost of company's EPF liability"?
  • 2. Employee has joined your organisation on 1st January, 2015, when you will process FORM-1(ESI)?
  • 3. You have paid bonus to your employees on DIWALI, again they are claiming bonus for new year (1st Jan), as an HR what will you do?
  • 4. Your MD asks not to pay the Gratuity amount to employee, as an HR what will you do?
  • 5. A Manager level employee is absent from duty, after 20 days he makes resign from your company, as an HR what will you do?
  • 6. A very valued employee has resigned via email, and asking you to come to his house for full and final settlement, also MD is pressurising you to settle the matter, as an HR what step you will take?
  • 7. Importance of Muster Roll in any organisation?
  • 8. Your company is starting a attendance through biometric system, also not maintaining Muster Roll, as an HR of the company what will you do?
  • 9. Who is a Labour Enforcement Officer and what are his roles?
  • 10. How to maintain Form-D for bonus?