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Digital Marketing Training

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Digital Marketing Training

ASAHR offer you the best world class learning experience. The Digital Marketing practical Course is designed to meet the expanding needs for Digital Marketing . The entire course is divided into 12 Modules. The Digital Marketing Course is an initiative designed to educate students in the area of Digital Marketing. Customized to Organizational Needs,Experiential Learning with Live, Hands-on Exercises. Gain 360 degree knowledge of Digital marketing from a career point of view. Start working full/part-time as an Digital marketing professional for a company. Take your career to the next level by combining the Certificate with your present college degree. We have provided a module-based course curriculum to help you gain abroad understanding of the Certificate in Digital Marketing From ASAHR Management.

1. Overview of Digital Marketing
What is Digital Marketing?
Career in Digital Marketing?
Job Opportunities in Digital Marketing?

2. Website Domain and Hosting
About Domain Concept and Purchasing, Impact on Future
About Hosting Concept and Purchasing, Interlink Domain – Hosting
Sources and tactics to earn in Dollars and Rupees.

3. Website Designing – Wordpress
Concept of Website & Live Designing
Complete understanding & Designing Dashboard, Plugins, Pages,Posts, Widgets, Themes, Blogs etc.
Sources and tactics to earn in Dollars and Rupees.

4. Content Writing Skills and Strategy
Concept and Importance of good Content.
Techniques of good content writing.
Sources and tactics to earn in Dollars and Rupees.

5. Concept of Keyword Planner and Keyword Research
Concept and Usage of Keyword Planner.
Doing Keyword Research – Concept and Techniques

6. Email Marketing
Importance of Email Marketing
Free and Paid Email services
Designing Email Templatesand sending bulk mail to quality leads.
Sources and tactics to earn in Dollars and Rupees.

7. Mobile Marketing
Reaching a target audience on their smartphones, tablets and/or other mobile devices, via websites, email, SMS and MMS, social media.
Google Mobile Ad extensions

8. Affiliate Marketing
What is Affiliate Marketing and How to do?
Affiliate Marketing as an earning tool.
How set website for affiliate Marketing?
Sources and tactics to earn in Dollars and Rupees.

9. SEO (On Page – Off Page), Black Hat and White Hat SEO
Overview and Understanding of SEO
ON Page and OFF Page SEO
Black HAT and White HAT SEO
Complete Tools and Techniques of SEO
Sources and tactics to earn in Dollars and Rupees.

10. Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization
Effective Social Media Strategy.
Social media marketing : Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest.
Paid Campaigns on Social Media Platforms.

11. Google Adsence
How to input google advertisements on website.
Sources and tactics to earn in Dollars and Rupees.

12. Google Business Listing
Business listing through varieties of Google properties – Google
Map, reviews, images.

13. Google Search Console
Submitting Sitemap
Setting Crawl rate

14. Google Adword
Google Advertising System
Advertising Bid – PPC
Keywords Selections

15. Strategy - How to take Projects / Job
Job Opportunities in Market
Start your Own Your Business
No need to travel anywhere – work from home
No fixed working hours – decide your working time by yourself.